Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Work Productivity

I love working through the holidays. The laidback pace, the chance to get some menial work done such as inbox clutter cleanup done without the guilt of having "more important things to do," and the chance to feel some form of normalcy in between hectic holidays all factor into workplace satisfaction. Except, of course, when I think about how few of my peers are doing the same as I this intraholiday week. In a fit of peerless reflection, I stumble across a news article that ensures my productivity this week is not recklessly low. In fact, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was least productive on the week in which October 26 lay, with October 26 being the least productive work day of the year, on average. The cause is believed to be shorter days in the northern hemisphere producing the onset of depressive thoughts. My personal belief lies more towards the realization that the season of candy onslaught is set to begin, and sugar deprivation has the world slacking off before the receipt of a bountiful harvest on Halloween.

If one thinks about it, Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving to Christmas to Easter within the span of 4-5 months. Sweets are commonplace for even the least confectionary-friendly of us during this time period. After Easter, however, sweets give way to...well, swimming, fireworks, and deep-fried state fair food. Our simple sugar levels slowly drop until Halloween comes along and redeems us of chocolate bars, suckers, and virtually anything bite-sized. Now, all of this is just a theory, but it is a theory during the explanation of which my brain rests long enough to tackle the rest of the work day.

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