Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Area Corn and Soybean Day

I'm excited. Sure, there is a lot going on before the end of this month, and a lot that I get to feign responsibility for. But, then, on Jan. 28th at the Gibson County Fairgrounds, I get to relax a little bit and listen to Hans Kok, enjoy a great meal, and let someone else lead the PARP (pesticide applicator's recertification program). Plus, it'll end out what has already proven to be a rather stressful month. Stay warm out there...and the Area Corn and Soybean Day is open to the public, so join me, won't you?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Next Week in Gibson County

Master Gardener class sign-ups are underway, and one application is already in and accepted. We're hoping for a 12-16 person class this year, and we may just reach that goal.

Farm Winter Workshops continue Monday night (Jan. 10) at GSHS with Andy Lowry discussing the current state of beef genetics, AI, and sire selection.

From my end, I'm in the middle of preparing a funding proposal for climate change education, as well as developing a flyer for an Indiana state youth dairy leadership program.

I've also been admonished earlier today at the dentist for my level of coffee intake. I maintain that the level of caffeine intake required for sanity continuance cannot decrease.