Monday, December 13, 2010

Retail v. Packing v. Agriculture

I HATE partisanship and vested interests. Yes, that is a paradox, or at least self-contradictory. However, there exists no room in the world around us for closed-minded speculation or unvalidated opinion.

Therefore, I have to spread an article I read today with some reluctance. I love the graphs. I love the way most of the facts presented are legitimate. I hate the wordplay: "Examing Walmart's 'Rural Stranglehold.'" Check it out, and pay close attention to the 1990-2009 pie chart of the amount farmer's receive on the dollar for beef and pork. I knew that farmers were not receiving the percentage they once were, but the change over 20 years seems to justify quite a bit of the decline in farmer profitability among the two industries.

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