Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Invasive Species Control

When an unknown weed begins to take over your lawn or property, call the county extension office. When an unknown weed begins to take over your community, the Southern Indiana Cooperative Weed Management Area wants to know. Since 2008, this group has focused their efforts on invasive species education and control. Invasive species, such as kudzu, Asian bush honeysuckle, and poison hemlock are defined by a capacity to spread quickly at the expense of the natural vegetation and wildlife around it. If you have driven down a Mississippi or Alabama interstate, you know what an invasive can do to a forest. If you have problems with the spread of bermudagrass in your lawn, you have a good idea of what an invasive can do.

SICWMA is dedicated to the prevention of native habitat loss due to invasive plant species. For more information on the organization, or to see what it can do for you, call your local Cooperative Extension office or click here. Not in southern Indiana? Cooperative Weed Management Areas exist in many locations. Call the extension office for the location of your nearest CWMA.

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